Saturday, June 7, 2014

My first envelope mini and my first SALE!

I wanted to try an envelope mini after watching Kathy Orta's video on Youtube.  However, I didn't think I had any envelopes I could make this with.  So I dug into my stash and found this little girl's card-making set that I found at a second-hand store, still all packaged up and new.  I love thrift stores for this, you never know what you will find!

I left the fronts of the cards as they were (so pretty!) and matted everything else with pink, green and white paper from Michael's in their dollar-fifty bins (yup, its Canada, go figure...).  I used a duct tape binding, another new technique for me! and added lots of sparkly embellishments.  I took a wide piece of lace and hand-dyed it with a Stampin' Up ink pad and added metal charms to use for the closure.  The lace is also elasticized, to be able to accommodate the embellishments and lots of photos.  I took some of the books with me to work, and sold this one immediately.  All I had to do was personalize it, which I did with alphabet stickers.  The very same day, I was asked to make 3 albums for a co-worker's daughters for their Christmas-in-July event.  Well, of course I said yes :)  Pictures of those will be posted soon!

So, for now, I am off to schedule another blog post, in my quest to get all caught up.  Tata for now!

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