Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Feature - Watercolor Pencil Comparison :)

Hello everyone, I have a new feature set for you for the next five Fridays!  I have done a comparison of five different sets of watercolor pencils.  No, I don't have the full sets of each of these (except Prima ;))  Each set is a small set that I have acquired over the years, some I have purchased, and some were gifted to me, and each has it's own unique set of pros and cons.  I will touch on a couple of these in each of the five blog posts :)

The first one I have for you is Staedler Karat Aquarell.  This was a nice set, however I found the leads very hard.  The colors are fairly bright, but not as bright as I like them.

The set I purchased about 4 years ago is very small, so I needed to pick an image I could color with a very limited palette (I think there may be 6 pencils in this set lol).  This stamp is  the Large Thistle Flower from The Rubber Cafe.  The ribbon is from Crafty Ribbons.

Stop by next Friday for another review, this time of Staedler Ergosoft Aquarell :) See you soon.

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