Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Sailin' We Will Go

A Sailin' We Will Go

My youngest daughter is gone across the province to sail for six weeks, but two weeks before she left, she was asked to go across the province, to the same city, to sail in a regatta for the weekend.  A provincial regatta, for cadets, and she was so excited.  When she came home she said they didn't do very well, but they had a great time anyways.  That's my girl!  I am so proud :)

Anyways, when we first found out she was going to the regatta, I decided I wanted to make her a journal to take with her.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the journal before she left for the summer, but I'll take some when she comes back.  Being fairly new to alcohol markers, I wanted to color a sailing image for her journal.  I found these images from CC Designs Sugarplums collection and printed them off on my printer.  Granted, the coloring isn't the greatest, I am a newbie.  But I like them just the same.  In the end though, they didn't really fit with the journal, so I am keeping them for another time, another use.  She is very cute though, don't you think?

Sitting Sailor Emma

Sugarplums Dock

Emma on the dock

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