Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just some things done for fun :P

Aaahhhh, I know, you're going to get tired of hearing how much I enjoy coloring., I won't say it in this blog post...ooops...maybe I already did?   Ha!  Too bad, deal with

This post is only to show you some of the 'just for fun' (mind you - it's ALL fun!!! Hehe), projects I've been making lately.

The first one is a birthday card for girl, using a Sanotoro - Gorjuss rubber stamp, called "The Collector".  If you would like to purchase some of the beautiful stamps, try contacting Noelle martin at Quick Creations, she has fabulous customer service and a plethora (wow, did I really just use that word?) of awesome stuff in her store.  I found a vellum quote in my stash about girls not necessarily always acting like girls, and I had to 'muddy' her up to fit the quote, but I love how she turned out!

Image Designed by Santoro's Gorjuss

My second project is a "Thinking of You" card, using a digital image from Hannah Lynn Art and Design.  Wow...did I say WOW?!  Hannah Lynn's images are gorgeous.  So I chose "Cali Girl" from her collection and I really enjoyed coloring her.

And lastly, is my "Dream Big" card, using an image from Yampuff, on DeviantArt.  This image is perfect for practicing your folds and clothing, and hair.  She is so beautiful, even without the color!

I love Yampuff's designes, unfortunately, her images are way above my budget to purchase a license to be able to sell my creations, so that means, sadly, that this may be the only image of hers that you might see from me :(

Stay tuned for a spotlight, coming soon, see you then!

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