Friday, March 27, 2015

New releases from Rosey Hearts!

It's time for more new releases from Rosey Hearts, and Melissa Stevens has come up with the entire new Zodiac Chibi collection!

I have chosen to color the Capricorn and Aquarius images this week:

Aquarius Chibi by Rosey Hearts

I have colored up these cuties using my Prismacolor Pencils in the following colors:

Hair - PC1084, 943, 945
Skin - PC927, 939, 1029
Clothes/Horns - PC1083, 1070, 1072, 1076
Eyes - PC1020, 1096, 908

Hair - PC914, 942, 1034
Fern - PC1096, 908, 938
Skin - PC927, 939, 1029
Eyes - PC1087, 906, 901
Dress - PC992, 905, 1027
Jug - PC943, 945, 946
Water - PC1087, 906, 901

Capricorn Chibi by Rosey Hearts

These guys are so cute, I hope to eventually color up and create with the whole collection!

Please visit the Etsy shop here, to see these and the rest of the collection!  There are also many more cool images to satisfy your coloring urges, and there is also a monthly challenge on the Rosey Hearts Challenge blog!  Hope to see you there!

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