Friday, June 23, 2017

Watercolor Bookmarks with OOAK Artisan Showcase!

Hello everyone, I have two water colored bookmarks to share with you today for OOAK Artisan Showcase!  These bookmarks feature stamps from Whipper Snapper Designs, Inc.

Whipper Snapper OOAK Artisans Leah Tees

I created these bookmarks on Prima Water color paper that comes in a 3 x 625 inch pad.  This is a great size for bookmarks.  My daughter, who is an avid reader, says the wider bookmarks are better than the longer, skinnier ones because they stick out from the book farther and get bent!  I didn't even think of that, what a happy accident :)

Whipper Snapper OOAK Artisans Leah Tees

I painted these cute images using my Prima water color pencils, and used my Winsor & Newton Cotman water colors to do the skies.

Whipper Snapper OOAK Artisans Leah Tees

These little mice are so cute, the pair of grey mice are called Yin & Yang.

Whipper Snapper OOAK Artisans Leah Tees

And this little brown mouse is called Daisy.

If you have come from the OOAK Artisan Showcase blog, you know that I promised that I had an idea lol.  My thought is this...I have a whole pad of this bookmark size watercolor paper and I have only used four sheets so far.  IF you are an avid reader, and IF you would like to have one of my bookmarks...I will work on completing the entire pad of bookmarks.  

Every time you see a new bookmark on my blog you can comment and let me know that you would like to have one :)  If there are more than one of you I will use to decide and then I'll contact you for your address and send it to you!  Do you like that idea?

This will be open worldwide, so don't be shy!

Thank you for visiting my blog today and I hope to see you again soon :)  And, btw, there is one of these bookmarks available for someone who would like to have it!  So leave me a comment and let me know you would love it and I'll send it out to someone soon!

Whipper Snapper OOAK Artisans Leah Tees

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  1. This is such a darling bookmark. What a great idea for the wider one. I never thought of that either. I've been thinking of making a bunch of bookmarks and sending them out to online friends as secret happy mail. I think I need to get busy!