Monday, April 25, 2016

Two-Sheet Wonder with Crafty Ribbons

What do you do when your mojo has taken a hike?  When he has suddenly gone on a vacation without you?  I'm pretty sure mine has been sunning himself on a nice warm beach somewhere while I am here at home trying to create without him...the nerve.

Well, when I am mojo-less, I do one of three things.  I learn something new, I CASE someone's creation (giving them credit of course!), or I create a batch of cards using the one-sheet wonder technique...or in this case, a two-sheet wonder!

WARNING...this post is very picture heavy, sorry :)  With just two sheet of gorgeous patterned paper, I created 16 cards lol.  And then I adorned them with some luscious Crafty Ribbons to make them just perfect :)  I  am showing you half of the cards here, and for the other 8 you'll have to visit the Crafty Ribbons inspiration blog here :)  Sneaky right? Lol.

I had a TON of fun creating all 16 of these cards.  So much fun, in fact, that I have another 14 in the works lol, this time with only one sheet of patterned paper, lol.

To embellish these cards, I used many different ribbons and some lace from Crafty Ribbons which I will list below.

Vintage Butterflies-English CremeVintage Butterflies-Bikes CremeVintage Butterflies-French Creme,

Vintage Butterflies-English LatteVintage Butterflies-Bikes LatteVintage Butterflies-Keys Latte,

Vintage Butterflies-French Latte, Vintage Butterflies-Bikes Cream, Vintage Butterflies-Birds Creme,

Volcan Viscose Lace Creme and Chantilly Cotton Lace in, that was a mouth full!

So now that you have seen these eight cards, don't forget to go over to the Crafty Ribbons blog and see the other eight!

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