Thursday, December 21, 2017

Art Journal Page Swap with Laura Marek Part 2

Hi everyone, I am back this week to show you the art journal pages that Laura Marek sent me :) Did I tell you that we agreed on 2, yes 2, art journal pages to swap?

Laura Marek, Art Journal Swap, Leah Tees

Well, let me tell you. Laura didn't send 2 art journal pages...she sent 4! And 5 mixed media tags, AND 5 fully gelli printed deli papers!

Laura Marek, Art Journal Swap, Leah Tees

Laura's art journal pages combine the use of acrylic paint and magazine clippings with design paper and washi tape. She also paints images on her pages. They are gorgeous!

Laura Marek, Art Journal Swap, Leah Tees

These gelli prints are absolutely to die for :) Well done Laura, they are so fabulous I don't want to use them! LOL!

Laura Marek, Art Journal Swap, Leah Tees

And these tags! I am no stranger to mixed media tags, they have been a favorite of mine for a while, as well as ATCs. The small-ness of them and the ability to do a quick project makes them a dream to work with. And Laura's mixed media tags do not disappoint. I shall treasure them.

Laura Marek, Art Journal Swap, Leah Tees

I have to say a huge thank you to Laura Marek for doing this swap with me. And well, for being much quicker in the mailing department than I am haha. I am terrible for mailing things out, but I PROMISE, they are on their way;)

I am so impressed with the kindness of total strangers in the Facebook group Maremi's Creative Cafe.  I would love to give back somehow, so this is my thought...if you are struggling with mojo or confidence with your art, and you want to try an art swap, let me know!  I would love to help someone gain their confidence or harness their art mojo (mine tends to go on long vacations without me sometimes).  You can contact me on Facebook on my page Ode to Paper, or send me an email at, or even leave me a comment here.  I would be very happy to swap art with you :)

Thank you for stopping by, stay tuned next Thursday for an exciting new series introduction! The series will start in January and will run for the whole year!

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