Thursday, January 25, 2018

#ArtLove52 Week 4: Brave

Hello everyone! It's time for Week 4! I can't believe I made it this far, I am so excited about this! This week's word is BRAVE.

#ArtLove52, Brave, Leah Tees

I actually had a plan when I started this page. I knew that I wanted it big and bright with the letters of the word nice and big too! I started working on the background like I usually do. A few colors of paint, a few stencils and some mark making with a lid and an old credit card, lol.

#ArtLove52, Brave, Leah Tees

I used Ranger Dylusions paint to create the background in orange, pink, green and blue. Then I added the stencils with blue, green and some white gesso.

#ArtLove52, Brave, Leah Tees

Then I printed the letters out nice and bold and transferred them onto my page with graphite paper.

#ArtLove52, Brave, Leah Tees

I created the shadows and highlights with my Gelatos in black and white, and traced around the letters with my Signo white gel pen.

#ArtLove52, Brave, Leah Tees

I added some splatters with watered down gesso and set out to find the text that suited this just right. I used text stickers from 7 Dots Studio to complete this page. I have several different pages of these stickers and I used one from each of three different pages so I can't even tell you which collections they came from, lol. I am currently sitting in a Tim Horton's, working on my blog and having a hot chocolate while my daughter does her homework, lol. We had stuff to do but also needed to get out of the house, so why not?

#ArtLove52, Brave, Leah Tees

This was such a perfect time for this word. I suffer from an anxiety disorder, and sometimes I have a hard time with it. Last week was one of those times. I basically had a week long anxiety attack. And although I usually have it under control, sometimes it gets the better of me and I need to remind myself to be brave. A friend of mine also had to test her courage this week. She suffers from the same affliction, but managed to get on a plane and travel several hours to Pheonix, Arizona for CHA's Creativation! I am so proud of her! Next week's word is WELLNESS. What does this mean for you? Stop by next week and we can talk about it together ;)

#ArtLove52, Compassion Jammie Clark

My friend Jammie Clark is joining in! Here is her very first art journal page for the first week; the word is Compassion.

Don't forget, if you want to join in, email me a photo and I will include ity in my post! See you soon!


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