Thursday, January 18, 2018

#ArtLove 52 Week 3: Focus

It's time for the word for week 3 of the #ArtLove52 art journal challenge! This week's word is FOCUS.

Focus on Your Melody, #ArtLove52 Week 3 Leah Tees

This page came to be rather quickly. I created this one in one of my own journals that I made, but the size of this one is a little different lol. This journal is 4 inches high by 10 inches wide. A long horizontal journal with the binding on the top.

Focus on Your Melody, #ArtLove52 Week 3 Leah Tees

This journal page came together quite quickly. I knew what colors I wanted so I just started to apply them to my page with my fingers. Then I added some stamping with Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black and two stamps from my stash.  I also added some stenciling with three different stencils in the blue, dark brown and Titan Buff acrylics to match the background.

Focus on Your Melody, #ArtLove52 Week 3 Leah Tees

I instantly knew I wanted the shape of a guitar on my page so I drew the shape on a piece of card stock and traced it onto the background. I created the shadows and highlights with white and black water soluble crayons and added some splatters with Titan Buff acrylic paint.

Focus on Your Melody, #ArtLove52 Week 3 Leah Tees
I chose the text when the page was finished, but I had a hard time deciding how to apply the text to the page itself. The background turned out dark so I knew I couldn't use black. And my handwriting is so bad that I couldn't write it on with white gel pen. Hahaha. Besides white seemed too stark for this page. So I found a font I really liked and printed it on card stock. I added some Antique Linen and Ground Espresso Distress Ink to the card stock and glued it down.  

I am totally loving this page. And it has a deeper meaning for me.

Focus on Your Melody, #ArtLove52 Week 3 Leah Tees
I recently decided to simplify things as much as I can. I tend to get so busy dealing with so many things that I get overwhelmed and want to just shut down. I'm going to try and simplify as much as I can and focus only on the melody of my life, and not all the other fluff that goes into a song. Make sense?  I want to enjoy the things that matter most to me.  Don't worry, art happens to be one of those things!  But I'm done worrying about things that I think other people think I need to be doing.

So, on that note, lol. Thank you for stopping by to view my Week 3 art journal page for the #ArtLove52 challenge. Last week's word was Winter, you can see my post for this word here.

Get week's word is BRAVE!

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