Thursday, March 17, 2016

Watercolor Butterfly with Sweet Stamps LLC

My inspiration for Sweet Stamps this week continues my journey with watercolors, and for my project this week, I used my Prima Watercolor pencils :P

I used the Flowery Butterfly 883 stamp set from Sweet Stamps, along with the Framed Handwritten Words SS4406 stamp set.

I enjoyed this project, and due to the thick black lines that the stamp affords, there wasn't a whole lot of waiting time when creating this card.  I was able to work in one spot and then go on to another right away as long as I kept the water inside the thick black lines :)

A very quick and easy card to make, I can see this being a good design and stamp set for creating multiples of this card.  And the watercolor pencils just make it so easy and mess free.

I haven't given many props to the sentiment stamps I use all the time for Sweet Stamps.  Let's do that now.  Framed Handwritten Words SS4406 is a very versatile stamp set.  It has sentiments for many occasions including Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Thank Yous :)  You can also pick up this stamp set in another font style here:  Framed Fancy Words.

Lessons learned for this project:  let your area dry well before you go in again with your watercolor pencil.  I rushed it through one spot, and regretted the harsh color line left by the pencil.  I couldn't soften that line no matter how hard I tried :P

Come and visit the online shop for a ton of possibilities with rubber stamps, and then after you create with them, come and join in the monthly challenges!

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