Thursday, March 10, 2016

Watercolor Wild Rose Pair with Sweet Stamps LLC

For my Sweet Stamps inspiration this week, I created another watercolor card, this time mixing colors from my Cotman watercolor paints.  I used the beautiful Wild Rose Pair 7037 rubber stamp from Sweet Stamps, and paired it with a sweet sentiment from the Framed Handwritten Words Stamp set SS4406.

I love how this card turned out.  I mixed all my colors for this card to create the purples and the earthy greens.  I purchased only three colors of the Windsor & Newton Cotman Series 1 watercolor paints, so to get the colors I wanted, I had to take a risk and mix, lol.

I even used a different tool this time, and masked off the flowers with masking fluid before creating the background with a wash of blue.  That stuff is super cool!

I love these Wild Rose stamps, and I have a couple more I'll be using in the near future :)

Lesson learned this project?  Hmmmmmm, I'm having trouble with that one right now.  Except maybe my lesson learned this week was the use of masking fluid and mixing colors.  Although I've been around colors my whole life (HA!) I think I need to learn how to mix brighter colors.  This purple turned out to be very muted.

Stay tuned next week, for more watercolor inspiration for Sweet Stamps and more lessons learned lol.  Come and join us on the Sweet Stamps blog for our two monthly challenges :)

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