Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CC Designs Beads or Sequins Challenge piece!

Wow, I am having so much fun with these Design Team projects.  Whodathunk I would find a place for my love of colors and coloring and crafting, and be able to put them all together! :)

This week I am bringing you a new image from CC Designs, called Autumn's Mum.  I actually used several of Christine's digital images in png form and layered them together to form a scene, rather than just a character.  However, this was before I learned that Christine will no longer be selling digital images.  I am sure, that very soon you will see these characters in awesome rubber stamp form though :)

Ok, enough of the babbling, and onto the projects at hand:

"Autumn's Mum" by CC Designs

"Autumn's Mum" by CC Designs
This was a great project; I loved being able to put several images together to form a beautiful scene that just seemed to call out for this sentiment :)  I also got to add in another of my favorite mediums....beads!

This is an A2 size card, in landscape orientation, using beads, ribbons and paper from my stash.  The following are the Prismacolor Premiere pencil colors that I used to bring this image to life:
*** Houston, we seem to have problem....*** OMG...I can't find the list!  Commence to frantic searching...
PHEW!  Found it...and now we continue...with our regular scheduled programming...

Prismacolor Premiere pencils :)  :

Pumpkin - PC941, PC947, PC942, PC1033, PC1032, PC944, PC1020, PC1005, PC911, PC988
Wagon & Rocks - Pc1031, PC937, PC1050, PC1056, PC1052, PC1054, PC1063, PC1058, PC935
Teddy Bear - PC997, PC942, PC1034
Sunflower - PC1005, PC917, PC988, PC944, PC911, PC1003, PC941, PC947, PC935
Girl - PC927, PC939, PC1082, PC947, PC1084, PC941, PC927, PC939, PC1033, PC945, PC1034, PC1032, PC1020, PC1021, PC911, PC988, PC1058

Thanks for visiting, and have a great coloring and crafty day!

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